Wednesday 8 November 2017

Sunset at Fremantle, done!

We've been in Western Australia for almost eight years. Coming from Queensland, one of the things that we immediately said that we wanted to do when we arrived in WA was watch a sunset at the beach.

It's one of those nightly events that everyone generally takes for granted but coming from Queensland, a sunset over a beach is an event that just does not happen. Geographically it is impossible!

Do you think that in the past seven and a half years of living in Western Australia we've watched a sunset at the beach? Of course not, life just got in the way.

So with the upcoming relocation of our superhero family back to Queensland, which is scarily only 4 and a bit weeks away, on the weekend just gone we made a snap decision to head to the beach to watch a sunset. To finally tick another item off of our family bucket list.

We arrived a few hours early as we thought that it would be a bit rough on the little superheroes if we went to the beach and they weren't able to play.

It ended up being a lovely afternoon/evening.

O and L had an absolute ball building sandcastles, collecting shells, chasing waves and the odd seagull.

Myself and Scott, apart from just relaxing watching the little superheroes play, we were able to do some self reflection on our time in Western Australia.

Making the decision to move back to Queensland wasn't an easy one to make. We honestly had to weigh up the pros and cons of both states and the effect that a move back to Queensland would have on the little superheroes. Many an evening was spent talking to and fro about what we wanted to do.

We've made many new friends here in WA. L is making the most amazing progress at the Early Intervention centre that he attends and O has just started with her therapy program. But the lack of family support over here is draining. The job market is also on a downward slide in Scott's field of work.

But in the end, the need to be closer to family support won out. We're incredibly fortunate in that both of the little superheroes funding transfers over to Queensland so they can both continue with similar therapy programs next year.

It was devastating to tell our friends here in WA that we are relocating back to Queensland. We were planning to eventually move back, but not quite as quickly as we anticipated.

As we keep reminding ourselves, Scott being made redundant really was a blessing in disguise.

Informing the staff at the Autism Association was the hardest conversation that we've had thus far. The staff have become like family and as I was telling them, I could feel myself becoming very emotional. L especially is going to miss the staff and children at the centre dreadfully.

Both O and L now know that we are moving back to Queensland but I don't think that it has quite sunk in yet.

L is very excitedly telling his teachers at school "I going to Queensland. I never going to see you again!" To which his teachers feel like crying! It will hit L once we are in Queensland and he wants to come "home" because he's had enough of being "on holidays!" Mmm not particularly looking forward to that conversation.

O hasn't said much but has become very sentimental about missing her friends and teachers. She has also become very attached to her collections of paper, her bedroom will be one of the last to pack!

But back to the sunset, it didn't disappoint and I'm glad that we finally made it to watch one. The little superheroes weren't impressed by the sunset, they were just excited about being at the beach. Oh and about the humongous shipping container boat that was coming in to dock at the near by wharf.

And if you ask them, I'm sure that they will say that having fresh fish and chips for dinner would be the highlight!

But you'll have to excuse me, I have a house to pack!

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