Tuesday 12 December 2017

Little Superheroes at Perth Zoo

One of the places in Perth that both my little superheroes love visiting is Perth Zoo. During our first year in Perth we were at the Perth Zoo so often that we got ourselves a family membership, it was one of O's most favourite places as a toddler.

After L came along, he too fell in love with the animals at the zoo. One of the very first times that we took L to the zoo he ended up in meltdown mode but a walk to see the elephants soon distracted him from the meltdown.

The zoo runs a marvellous program titled "A to Zoo" for toddlers. Each session is based on a particular animal at the zoo. The sessions include songs, reading a story book based on the animal and some craft. L loved these sessions, especially going to visit the animal at the conclusion of the session.

So it made sense that one of the places that both of the little superheroes were desperate to visit before we left Perth was the zoo.

So without much further ado, what follows are some of the little superheroes favourite snaps of their favourite animals from our final zoo visit!

The Cassowary, or Dinosaur bird as L calls him!

I love the meerkats. I could spend hours just sitting, watching them play.

Both O and L were fascinated by the comparison board of the plants and animals in Australia and in the Amazon Rainforest. O conducted a short math lesson with L about graphs! L just wanted to open and close the boards!

We had to do two tours of the Nocturnal house just so that L could see his new favourite animal, the ghost bats.

One little monkey, I mean superhero, pretending to be an orangutan! O loves the orangutans! She could spend hours watching them play and talking to them through the glass when she was a toddler.

This gorgeous old man is Hsing Hsing. It saddened me to hear that he passed away on the 18th of December but it does make my heart happy that we were able to see him one more time before he passed. At 42 years of age, Hsing Hsing was the oldest male Sumatran Orangutan at Perth Zoo. As Perth Zoo so eloquently stated - "At 42 and a half years of age, Hsing Hsing was a very special member of the Perth Zoo family and the dominant male in our orangutan colony. He stood out with his impressive dreadlocks and loud vocal calls. He touched the hearts of so many and gained respect by all who worked with him. He was a larger than life orangutan!" Goodbye Hsing Hsing.

Sensory break time.

The Jabiru, a very majestic bird that brings back memories of my childhood.

Aww, Mummy and baby snuggling in a tree. L told me that the baby was just like him because he hangs onto me like a baby koala, just like this little one was.

L is fascinated by this gorilla sculpture at the entrance of the zoo, and always has been. Every time we visit the zoo he has to sit and inspect every part of the gorilla and the baby!

And that's it - our Perth adventures have been wrapped up and are now fabulous memories and now we move onto new adventures in Queensland. So stay tuned!

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