Monday 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas from my Superhero Family to Your Family

Is it really that time of year again? It honestly doesn't seem like twelve months since last Christmas. The time has snuck up very quickly.

As L said last night as we were talking about when the big man in the red suit would arrive - "Really? What?" I haven't seen neither O or L move that fast in quite a while - Santa snacks, Santa sacks, Milo and bed. As I was sitting with L to encourage him to go to sleep so that Santa and the Elves could get to work, he piped up with - "But I in the RED zone, I too excited!"

This year we are enjoying Christmas being back with family in Queensland. The only real difference between Christmas in Queensland and Christmas in Perth, apart from having family close by, is the humidity. I'd forgotten what Queensland humidity was like! I am loving the ceiling fans and air con!

Christmas to us means that O and L's beloved elves visit for a month. The idea behind the Elf on the Shelf to our family means that we are keeping the magic of Christmas alive for O and L. They just love seeing what mischief the elves have got up to each morning leading up to Christmas. They also help in the countdown to Christmas for my little superheroes. 

Both O and L love the idea of advent calendars but L just cannot help himself, he has to open every door on the one day. He then becomes cranky when he realises that O still has doors to open and he has none.

With the elves, L can see a visual countdown of how many more sleeps until Santa arrives!

A North Pole breakfast is the best way to start Christmas day and always gets a giggle from both O and L! While they groan and tell the Elves off, I think that they secretly enjoy the fact that for one morning a year they can feast on treat foods for breakfast! The Elves really are a HUGE part of our family Christmas tradition. From one year to another, the Elves are what both O and L remember about previous Christmas'.

Christmas in Queensland, or any coastal part of Australia for that matter, means outings to the beach. We are very fortunate in that we are now living a short walk from the beach which both the little superheroes absolutely love.

Yesterday we decided on an impromptu beach outing which included collecting shells, naming the various hermit crabs that the little superheroes found, marvelling in the beauty of the little jellyfish that were bobbing about in the waves, chasing bait fish, building sand castles, frolicking in the water and a short marine biology lesson on the difference between Mummy and Daddy Blue Swimmer Crabs and why the Mummy crabs HAVE to be released back into the water. The Blue Swimmer Crab that the little superheroes found had a lot of eggs on her underside!

On a side note, no marine animals were harmed in our beach outing and all were returned to their natural habitat!!

Christmas day? Well, for us, it involves plenty of family time, lots of resting for myself and Daddy Superhero and lots of playing with their presents for my little superheroes and usually a water fight or two. Today was no exception - a water fight involving LOTS of water pistols and water balloons! Apart from a lot of fun, the water alone brought some relief for all of us from the heat and humidity.

L became overwhelmed by everything that was happening around him a few times but I am very proud to say that not once did either of my little superheroes enter into meltdown mode! They were both able to verbalise to us when they needed a break!

So as Christmas 2017 draws to a close, from my Superhero Family to yours, Merry Christmas. We hope that no matter where you are in this wonderful world that you have had a fantastic day.

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