Wednesday 10 January 2018

Introducing Ulla! A water hydration system.

*** Please note that I do not receive commissions of any description for this review. It is simply a product that we have found incredibly useful. ***

As I have mentioned in numerous posts on previous occasions, we have always struggled to get O to drink water on a more regular basis. Through talking with her previous therapist in Perth we now know that the struggles that we had are in part due to her sense of interoception still developing.

When we first met with O's therapy team one of the managers, thank you Bianca, mentioned to us about a gadget that you could place onto a water bottle to help you to remember to drink water.

Well, I couldn't get home fast home to research this gadget.

The name of the gadget is Ulla and as their website states Ulla is a smart attachment that fits on any water bottle (plastic or glass) via a silicone band that fits around the bottle. Ulla itself is a small tear dropped shaped object that clips onto the band. Ulla comes in a range of colours and designs depending on where you order it from. The US website does have a larger range of designs than the Australian website.

The Ulla works by following an optimal hydration cycle of 40 minutes. Every time you take a drink from your bottle, or glass, Ulla blinks as it detects when the drink bottle is tilted. After 40 minutes if you haven't taken a drink, Ulla will start to blink madly at you.

When I started reading about Ulla, I immediately knew that this was exactly the type of reminder that we have been searching for for O. Ulla is discrete and would blend in with the drink bottles that O likes to use. Ulla doesn't make any noise so it wouldn't be distracting to O or to her classmates. It sounded perfect. And Ulla is powered by a battery that is replaceable - even better!

The first one that I purchased, I used myself at work just to check that it was in fact useful. Hooley dooley, I don't think that I have drunk that much water in one day - the flashing reminder was definitely useful.

Our first Ulla arrived on a Thursday afternoon and I used it on the Friday. The weekend that followed, O bugged me for the entire weekend to put Ulla onto her drink bottle - "When can I use it? Huh? Huh? Mum? Mum? When? Please?" She was super excited to start using it straight away.

I am happy to report that Ulla is paying for itself in the consumption of water that O is going through. Since putting Ulla onto O's water bottle, we've not had one day where she has not drunk enough water. Touch wood, she hasn't become dehydrated once since putting the Ulla on her water bottle.

I found Ulla so useful that I purchased another one for myself to use. It is such a great reminder and it is a product that I would happily recommend to others, especially children, who are struggling to remember to drink enough water throughout the day.

So where can I get an Ulla for myself I hear you ask? Well ....

They are available from Axon Australia and direct from their website. Just don't do what I did the second time  I ordered an Ulla - I didn't realise that I had ordered from the US website and was becoming quite cranky when Ulla took about a month to arrive. Oops! Note to self - check where you order it through!


  1. Wow! This looks awesome! I wonder if they will be sold in the US?

    1. Hi Ames, they're originally a US product so they definitely are available in the US. The link to their US website is in the post above :)


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