Wednesday 16 June 2021

Introducing Henry! Fun Facts


Henry is a pretty amazing dog - he is L's best fur friend and assistance dog all in one.

During our placement week, Patricia, our trainer told us a few facts about Henry, so I thought I would pass them onto yourselves!

He turned 1 on the 20th of May 2021 so he was a Covid19 baby!!! He was from the H litter (each of the Smart Pups litters are named from a letter of the alphabet,) hence the name Henry and his dad is one of the preferred breeding dogs for Guide Dogs Queensland.

During his Smart Pups training Henry did two stints in prison (the first for basic obedience and the second to hone his skills needed to work with L,) as well as a six week block at a school in a classroom where he practised his skills, listened to reading, went to assemblies and everything in between.

Henry learnt his cockroach trick in prison! He was meant to learn "go to sleep," which is laying still on one side, but he rolled over too far when first learning that trick. The prisoners training him thought that looking like a cockroach was funnier than pretending to go to sleep, so they kept practising the cockroach. And they named the trick. When working, if Henry forgets a command or just does the wrong thing, his go to response is to drop and roll into cockroach!!

These next few facts are M rated, so if you don't like to read M rated facts, stop reading here!

His nickname in prison was "One Nut" and "Humpy Henry!"

Why? Because only one of Henry's testicles descended 🤣🤣

Smart Pups and the Vet held off on his desexing in the hope that the other would descend. But it didn't. So he became a little humpy 🤣

The vets then had to do a little exploratory surgery when Henry was desexed to locate the undescended testicle.

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