Wednesday 30 June 2021

Assistance Dog 101: Responsibility


With Henry comes responsibility for L. Henry isn't just an assistance dog, he is L's best fur friend and companion.

Henry assists L on a daily basis and while Henry is helping L, L is learning how to care for Henry.

L feeds Henry twice a day which is helping to strengthen the bond between the two of them. We have a relatively small backyard, so we take Henry on daily walks for exercise and to practice Henry's skills. Part of our daily walks involves giving Henry some off leash down time to just be a puppy - he really is just a great big goofball when not in his jacket. L brushes and washes Henry every week, under supervision of course by myself or Daddy superhero.

All of these things for L will help to strengthen the bond between L and Henry. At the moment, Henry looks to me as his pack leader because of the training that I did during our placement week with him. We're gradually transferring some of that leadership to L. And all of the jobs that L completes while caring for Henry assists to further develop L's find motor skills and life skills that he can take with him as he grows older.
This morning was brushing time, Henry sat there ever so patient waiting for L to finish brushing him ❤

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