Tuesday 22 June 2021

Introducing Henry! Henry and O


Henry has been with our family for a little over four weeks and has settled in beautifully. Henry and L are inseparable which is awesome to see. But Henry has also taken a liking to O as well which is also great to see.

At home, Henry will seek O out for cuddles and pats and if he senses that O is struggling with anxiety or emotions, he will go over and nudge O's legs gently.

One afternoon while we were at the park after doing our hide and seek training, O ran ahead and was very happy flappy. Henry watched O very closely and looked at me for reassurance that O was okay. It was as though he could sense that he may need to track O too.

Eventually, Henry will be able to pick up on O's cues that O needs assistance with anxiety and he will be able to help O too.

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