Friday 23 July 2021

Assistance Dogs 101: Work Mode

A few people have enquired as to if Henry is always in work mode, and technically he is. Whenever L is around, Henry always has an eye on him, regardless of where we are. If L runs off, Henry will watch where he goes, and then he will glance at us ready for the track command. If Henry hears L becoming distressed, he'll go find L and do a lap lay to calm him. Henry has been trained to be a working dog, so no matter what time of day, he will always have one eye on his boy.

Whenever we are at home, the jacket is off and Henry is just a typical goofball one year old puppy.

But the switch from relaxed mode to work mode is instant, especially when Henry's jacket is put on in the morning just before we leave for the school drop off. Henry can be prancing around the house with his bone or his sloth teddy, and as soon as his jacket is on, Henry serious work mode is switched on. Even without his leads and halti on, the jacket means work time. Henry's entire demeanour changes as soon as his jacket is on, right down to his facial expressions. Henry will usually give one last look at his sloth teddy as if to say "I'm sorry, I working now!"

And as soon as his jacket comes off either during the day or in the afternoon, goofball Henry appears instantly. Henry's favourite toys at home are his chew bone, his sloth teddy (that he chose at the Op shop!) and a Nerf bird throw toy.

Whoever is first awake in the morning, will have one of these three items thrust in their face by Henry with an entire body tail wag.

It is important to us that Henry has a good balance between being a working dog in his coat and having time to just be a puppy. Part of his training is to ensure that even when he is off lead in free mode, Henry will return when called as well as obey the rules of wherever we are - like not jumping up onto the couches and so on.

Henry and L love our daily walks, especially when they get to run around like crazy in the green space that is near us. Henry truly looks like a gangly baby giraffe with his long legs and floppy ears as he gallops around the area. It is definitely a great energy release for them both.

And Henry is a huge couch potato who loves to sleep. If he isn't prancing around the house with one of his toys, he is curled up in a ball fast asleep!

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