Tuesday 6 July 2021

Assistance Dog 101: Lap Lays and Overs

One of the skills that Henry has been taught, is to lay on L's lap to provide deep pressure input when L needs it.

L responds well to deep pressure, he has a weighted blanket that we used to use on a daily basis. Deep pressure calms L when he is overcome by his emotions, when he's in sensory overload, when he's feeling anxious or just having a rough day for whatever reason. L will often ask for big squishy cuddles if he is sad or upset.

Henry is able to do lap lays, which is putting his head onto L's lap, and overs, which is when Henry puts his front legs and head over L's legs and onto L's lap. The pressure from the lap lay is pretty heavy, the deep pressure from an over is even more intense.

The first time we practised lap lays was during our placement week and it was pretty damn perfect first time.

We've since had Henry do several lap lays, and overs, on L and on O when they've needed the deep pressure input. The calming is immediate. Even if we don't give Henry the command, he can often sense when L needs the deep pressure input and will just go and lay on L's lap.

Watching Henry in action is just wonderful and well worth the eighteen month wait!

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