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I have been creating a number of printables for my little superheroes quite recently. These have been ranging from social stories to visual schedules and everything in between.

Both O and L thrive when using visual schedules, social stories and rules. I have been wanting to expand this section of my site for some time so I thought that I would start adding the printables as I create them.

If you have any suggestions as what printables you would like to see on my site, please leave a comment below.

Emotions  - This is a BIG topic in our house. Both O and L struggle to recognise, identify and respond to their own emotions and those of others. This is a social story titled "My Book about My Feelings" that I wrote specifically for O but I have used this book with older and younger children as well as with L. The social story is designed to be personalised by your little superhero so that they can easily identify with the story. After printing the story and getting O to fill in the blanks, I laminated the pages and put them onto a small key ring to keep all the pages together. You can view and download the social story HERE.

Washing Hands - We have always struggled to get L to wash his hands. It isn't that L doesn't want to wash his hands, he has quite a number of sensory difficulties and dealing with the texture of soap is one of his difficulties. The one question that he always asks is "why?" "Why do I have to wash them?" "I use sanitiser?" This is a social story that I wrote quite recently to explain to L why he needed to wash his hands and the steps involved in washing his hands. You can view and download the social story HERE.

Autism Organiser - We have two of these organisers, one for each little superhero and they are so very useful. Over the last few years I have updated and added to our organisers so I thought that it was about time that I passed the love on! You can find a link to download the Autism Organiser in this blog post!

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