Sunday 16 October 2016

Conversations we have in the middle of the night

Mummy Mummy I needs you!

Am I dreaming? No, wait, I'm pretty sure someone is talking to me.

"Mummy Mummy I needs you" as my eyes are being pried open.

Pardon, are you talking to me or are you talking in your sleep?

Mummy, it dark!

Really? It's meant to be, it's the middle of the night! Please go back to sleep.

But I needs you Mummy!

What's up buddy? Do you need a drink? Are you cold?

No, I needs my toy!

You pried my eyes open for a toy? Go back to sleep please, it's night night time.

But I needs my toy Mummy!

Ah, it's 2.53 in the morning, why do you need a toy and which toy are we talking about? More to the point, please go back to sleep!

But I not tired now, I needs my toy........please? I try look but it too dark!

Oh bother, now I'm awake. Let's go find this toy, which one is it?

The batman one!

That narrows it down, which one? The big one, the small one, blue, grey, black?

The one with the cape!

They all have capes! Where's your superhero bag?

I dunno!

Seriously? Here's your bag, let's look for batman. Goes through the entire bag and the right batman was not found.

Mummy, now I hungry.

Really? Now? Go and get an apple then.

Mmmmmm, ummmm, no I thinks I need chocolate?

Oh hell no. You are not having chocolate at this hour of the morning.

It's too early for chocolate buddy, you can have an apple.

It not early Mummy! Daddy does!

Oh busted Daddy! That's where my chocolate went!

Well go and wake up Daddy and ask him for some chocolate!

Okay! DADDY!

Tag, you're it!

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