Monday 3 October 2016

Mummy, Mummy, come dance!

We were at a wedding just recently and I could see L standing at the edge of the dance floor during the reception.

He looked as though he was studying all the couples dancing, watching their every move, figuring out how to dance. Every now and then he'd peer back over his shoulder at me and then he'd go back to watching the dancing.

He did this for about ten minutes before he came over to me and said  "Mummy, Mummy, come dance!"

L took me by the hand and led me onto the dance floor and then said "let's dance!"

We grooved a little and he kept looking around at everyone else. L then said "but I have to put my hand here!" L reached up and put his hand on my hip so that he could dance with me just like the other couples! At that moment my heart melted.

L then decided that he had to spin me, just like the other couples. He quickly figured out that we had a problem, which he solved all on his own.

L went and dragged a chair over to the dance floor, stood up on the chair and proudly spun me around. My heart melted further.

My little superhero is also a little gentleman. Love you little man xx


  1. What a little cutie!!! He's getting his groove on!!

  2. Awe, so sweet! Such a little gentlemen.

  3. Aww what a precious memory you have to hang on to. These days go so fast!


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