Tuesday 4 October 2016

I have a worry!

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I came across a facebook page about a month ago called "I have a worry." The page was created by the books author Tanya Balcke.

I ordered the book for O and when the book arrived she sat down with it and started reading quietly. After she finished reading the book, O came over and gave me a great big hug and said "thank you Mummy, I need this book!"

So here is O's review!

What is the book about?
A child who has a worry that grows so big. A teacher helps take the worry away.

What do you like about the book?
It tells you that you can share your worry with people you trust.

Would you recommend this book to other kids and why would you recommend it?
Yes, because I think that if they had a worry then they will tell someone they trust.

Out of 5 stars, what do you rate this book?
I rate 5 stars.

Tanya Balcke is a Australian Primary School teacher who wrote the book to help children develop strategies to deal with the worries that they have. The book allows the child to think of their worry as something that they can physically give to someone else for a time. This empowers the child while they take time to consider whether they are going to let their worry control them or not. The book gives different descriptions of how worries can make people feel. O connected with the story as she found ways to describe to us how her worries make her feel. The book also helped O to realise that everyone has worries from time to time and showed her the importance of sharing her worries with people that she trusts.

The illustrations in the book are very simple but absolutely wonderful. It's a book that O has said that she's going to read over and over!

O is also over the moon about the book as Tanya Balcke has written a message in the front of the book to O! This is something that Tanya offers to do when you order a copy, such a lovely gesture that means so much to a child. Thank you Tanya.

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