Thursday 19 October 2017

O is strong!

Most days I look at O in absolute amazement and I revel in just how mentally strong she is becoming at the tender age of 8 years.

O is in a constant battle with her anxiety. Anxiety that tells her on a daily basis that she is weak. But each and every day she puts one foot in front of another and strives to prove her anxiety wrong.

Each and every day O finds the strength to ignore her anxiety, she smiles and she tries her very best to be social with her friends at school.

O renews her strength each and every day as she refuses to allow her anxiety to control her every move and thought. 

My gorgeous girl shows just how strong she really is and she strives to be the best version of herself that she can be, despite her ever present anxiety.

Some people rarely venture outside of their comfort zones. I know of adults who will not venture out of the suburb that they live in because that would mean stepping outside of what they know and facing the unknown. O on the other hand, well, she ventures outside of her comfort zone every single day.

O is strong because she finds the courage to speak her mind and speak up for herself and her friends when they need her to. And when she does, she surprises herself, and others around her, with just how brave she really is.

Anxiety is debilitating, it can cause life to grind to a halt. But, as I constantly remind O, anxiety can also makes you stronger. 

Anxiety is causing O to become stronger as she never wants to give up.


  1. That's great that she is pushing through her anxiety! I have anxiety as well and it can be hard to cope with sometimes, but therapy has helped a lot! Wish her the best!

  2. O sounds like an amazing little girl. It's nice to see she's working past her anxiety on a daily basis.

  3. O sounds like an incredible young girl. My oldest deals with anxiety and it's so heartbreaking to watch as a parent. I want to swoop in and make everything alright, but as you know, it's not that simple. O is lucky to have such a supportive and loving mama!

  4. Wow she is such a strong and brave little girl. You're doing a great job mama!

  5. You have such a brave and wonderful little girl you are blessed to have!!! Shell

  6. Such a beautifully written post. It sounds like she has a great support system through you.

  7. This was great to read. Its inspiring that at 8 she is handeling such things so well, when us adults still cant deal with these types of things.

  8. She is strong and gorgeous little lady. You need to be a proud Mom:)

  9. O seems to be a brave little girl and more power to you to deal rightly and get her anxiety down


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