Friday, 27 October 2017

What can our pets teach us?

If you've ever had a four legged friend as part of your family, you'll know just how great owning a pet can be.

We have a slight menagerie at home - a dog who thinks that she is a lot smaller than she actually is, a rabbit who thinks that she is a dog and a lorikeet who thinks that he's human! But that is a post for another day!

Both O and L have a special bond with all of our animals but especially with our over grown lap dog.

R loves people, but the two people most important to her are O and L. From the moment that we met R, O decided that she was her dog. Keep in mind that at that point in time, R was much larger and much heavier than O. 

When we first met R we were told that she wasn't a child friendly dog. Not quite sure if the previous owners had ever introduced R to children, but she was the complete opposite. R immediately dropped to the ground, crawled over to lay next to O and then started gingerly picking sticks out of O's hand to chew on. It really was love at first sight from both of them.

Then when L arrived, R seemed to have this second sense as to when he was distressed. Whenever L was in an emotional state, R would sit outside of the back door whimpering. R very quickly decided that it was her job to look over L. She was the one that could always bring a smile to his face as a baby. When all else failed, we would put L in the pram, and sit him at the back door to gaze at R. They would have their own little conversations - L making random sounds and R talking in the way that only Bull Terriers can!

We worked out very quickly after R became part of our family that she had an innate ability to calm both L and O when they were in an emotional state.

L and R or O and R or all three can often be found sitting in R's kennel or curled up on R's bed.

And R can quite often be found sleeping outside of O's bedroom window.

Through R, O and L are learning many skills that they can carry with them through the remainder of their lives.

R is teaching my little superheroes lessons in responsibility and compassion. O and L now know that R, and our rabbit and lorikeet, can't look after themselves, that they aren't able to help themselves to food. Every afternoon, my little superheroes are asked to feed our pets which they both usually happily do. They will sit outside and brush R and our rabbit. They worry about R and our rabbit on hot days - "can they pleeeaasse have an icy pole Mummy?"

R teaches O and L what forgiveness really means. R doesn't hold a grudge when O or L are in a cranky mood and don't want to be sociable. R forgives over and over. She is always there when the little superheroes need the all important puppy cuddles.

R teaches my little superheroes how to be calm. L can be in a highly agitated state and at times all it takes is a ten minute cuddle with R, and he once again becomes calm. 

R is teaching my little superheroes about loyalty and friendship. No matter if it is minutes, hours, or days (when we've been on holidays) R always greets the little superheroes with a huge amount of gusto. She is always there for them and they for her.

I've always known that animals can be used in a therapeutic roles, but since having children and being able to witness the magic that our pets are able to weave with my little superheroes, well it is just beautiful.


  1. Yes I read somewhere that having pets does teach the kids having compassion and forgiveness as the animals dont always behave and the kids learn to forgive if for an ex the dog tore her doll. So I wonder of I should get a dog?🤔❤️

  2. Pets bring such happiness and love to a home! I took in a rescued Doberman when he was a year old. He has helped me through some really bad times (emotionally) and brought such joy to my family. Seven years later and I now have three Doberman and a Shepherd mix!

  3. I love this! Our rescue pup has been such a valuable member of our family too! He’s my two year olds very best friend and one of my 5 year olds first chores was feeding him. They teach so many lessons and bring so much added love to a family. Also, I wanted a lorikeet so badly when I was a kid!


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