Monday 9 October 2017

The Chaos that a Full Moon Brings.

What is it about a full moon that causes absolute mayhem and chaos?

The full moon was four nights ago and yet both of my little superheroes are still feeling the effects - it is very much a case of a delayed effect. And we can usually see and feel the effects for a good three or four days following a full moon.

On Saturday morning everything in the little superheroes world was wrong.

The TV show that L was watching was wrong for O. The water at swimming was too cold. The weather was too cold. The shirt was the wrong one for L. Lunch was wrong. They both wanted to sit in the same spot on the couch and neither was willing it give in. L's pants were wrong. There were too many knots in O's hair. And the list goes on.

Saturday was one long continuous meltdown with O and L alternating as to who was making the most noise. Nothing that we did was right, literally nothing. All we had to do was look side ways at either of the little superheroes and all hell broke loose.

The cause of the three day meltdowns, other than a possible delayed effect of the full moon, who knows for sure. But this is the pattern that normally happens after a full moon.

Both O and L struggle to communicate with us when they are like this. I imagine that their brains are in complete overload and as such they struggle to communicate their needs and wants with words. When they are like this, shouting, mumbled speech, using sounds and throwing their bodies around is the only way that they know how to communicate with us.

O becomes even more emotional than she usually is. L often reverts to using sounds and hand gestures to get his point across.

But as the days go on, they both become calmer and happier. By Sunday afternoon, they were both back to their generally happy selves - it probably helped that we received the little superheroes photos from their photo shoot a few months back. Seeing themselves certainly cheered them both up!

Usually following a full moon, both the little superheroes need a few quiet days to get back into the flow of life.

So what do we do?

The little superheroes do lots of stimming - lots of bouncing, lots of spinning, they use their block out ear protectors and they do lots of running around outside.

Daddy Superhero and myself, well we drink coffee. A lot of coffee! We also play detective and try to figure out what the causes may be behind the behaviour.

I've always felt the effects of a full moon in previous jobs - the world just seems to go bat poo crazy.

But since having children, the effects have been magnified somewhat.

Bring on the next full moon!

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