Monday 5 December 2016

Daddy! ......... is Awesome!

Daddy superhero has discovered a new way to frustrate the little superheroes!

Every time one of them calls out "Daddy!" he answers with one of the below response -

Daddy!........ is awesome!

Daddy! the best.

Daddy! the best Daddy ever.

Daddy! great.

Daddy! here.

Daddy! your favourite person.

Daddy! asleep!

O just generally ignores the response that she gets and continues on with whatever she wanted to ask Daddy. I don't think she has even registered that Daddy is not answering her the way that he should be.

L on the other hand just keeps saying "Daddy" until he gets to the point where he starts to growl! This go on for a looooong time!

It is very hard not to laugh at the two of them. One little superhero becoming more and more frustrated as he tries to talk to Daddy. And one big superhero having fun annoying his little superhero.

They are like two peas in a pod!

Daddy Superhero is waiting until the little superheroes are old enough for him to answer with -

Daddy!.......wants another beer!

Daddy!.......Just fill up the water bottle please.

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