Monday 17 April 2017

Happy birthday little man xx

My little man turns 5 tomorrow! My baby is no longer a baby!

My little man was delivered kicking and screaming at just after 7 in the morning on the 18th of April 2012 and he's been a constant noise maker ever since.

L was the biggest baby that was delivered on the ward that day, at a whopping 3.75 kilograms! Well okay, he really wasn't a big baby but he certainly was the biggest baby on the ward and the loudest! L was born with a slight tinge of jaundice and a head full of snow white hair.

He was an instant hit with all the midwives and other nursing staff and of course with us. During our four day stay, I'd often have to meander down to the nurses station and collect him from the special care nursery. He didn't need to be in the nursery, the staff were just very taken with this very beautiful baby.

And he's still making fans to this day.

L is my cheeky little daredevil, sometimes cuddly, never ending ball of loveable energy. He is constantly on the go, always investigating how things around him open and close, always climbing up and over furniture. He worked out how to climb out of his cot fairly early on in the piece and could often be found underneath his cot when he really should have been in it!

He rarely stops still and when he does it usually means that he is sick, really sick.

L has been through a lot of health issues in the last 5 years, some are thankfully working themselves out and others we are learning to live with - asthma, inverted sternum, bleeding from the bowel, multiple respiratory tract infections, more ear infections than I can keep a track of and the possibility of an immune deficiency. At one point L had a favourite nurse in the ER of our local hospital and last week, thanks to L deciding that two beados needed to go into his ear canal, we have found out where Kryll now works!

L has given us many heart starts in the last 5 years and no doubt there will be many more to come. Face planting multiple times on the concrete at home, trying to set the house on fire by turning the stove on without us knowing, emergency dental surgery on Mothers Day 2016, trying to impale a garden hoe between his toes, splitting his head open on a cupboard and more lumps, bumps and bruises than you can poke a stick at. You name it, L has done it or he has at least given it a decent shot!

L has also had to overcome a great deal of obstacles in the last 5 years. At one point we were constantly told by medical professionals and educators that L was just a naughty boy. However we knew differently.

L was simply marching to the beat of his own drum and his ASD diagnosis was one of the best things that happened. We had an explanation as to why he did certain things and acted the way that he did. The diagnosis certainly wasn't an excuse for his behaviour, it was the start of a whole new world for L.

Since beginning his journey with the Early Intervention centre, L has made the most amazing progress and he continues to do so on a daily basis.

Now, no matter how large or small the obstacle is, L will find a way around, over or under it.

L is always surprising me with his never ending questions, his new words and phrases and with his actions. From asking me to dance with him when we were on holidays last year, to telling O that she looked beautiful when she was dressed up, to the surprising kisses and telling me that he loves me. L really is a sweet little superhero. He may be small but he has a ginormous heart.

L loves, no adores, anything to do with superheroes and he is most comfortable dressed in a superhero costume - some days he will change costumes on numerous occasions. When dressed as a superhero he is truly in his element.

L has dreams and aspirations as all children do. From being a garbage truck driver to an astronaut to being the next Batman, it always changes.

I know that L will keeping reaching high and he will achieve anything that he sets his mind to. He has already shown me that he is capable of learning new skills and reaching great heights.

I couldn't have wished for a more courageous, unique, loving, slightly crazy but always amazing little man. L really is my real life little superhero.

In the words from one of L's new favourite books:

"Could I be a hero too?

Will you teach me what to do?
You can be one if you're smart
and you try with all your heart!
Show you're fearless, brave and tough.
Strut your superhero stuff!"

Happy birthday little man, I love you to the distant galaxies and back xxxx

You are my favourite second baby!


  1. My little one is 5. They grow up so fast dont they. Blink and you miss it


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