Friday 14 April 2017

I'm really not antisocial...........

Just lately I have felt very anti-social, but I'm really not. I do enjoy the company of others but there are times where I would just prefer to be at home with my family and here is why.....
I start my day, every day, at 6am or earlier depending on how much sleep L has decided that he needed the night before and how early O decides that she needs to wake up.

Most mornings there is an argument over my phone and it is easier just to give in as no one wants a meltdown at 6.01am or earlier!

I've learnt to pick my battles, there are some that really aren't worth fighting over.

Some mornings run smoothly, some don't. If the wrong person gets L out of bed, or his breakfast sandwich is cut the wrong way, if his shorts are uncomfortable or have pockets, or the wrong show is on TV, then all hell can break loose.

Time for coffee #1.

Lunches, we're very lucky in that both my little superheroes at very predictable in what they will eat at school. Their lunch box content rarely varies so this is the quick part of the morning!

Depending on the day, depends what needs to be prepared.

Breakfast on the other hand, this can go on and on and on....... If able to, I am sure that L would just keep eating. Most mornings we have to put a stop to L's eating otherwise we would never leave the house on time!

Time for coffee #2!

If it is a Tuesday, my day off of paid work, then I spend the morning doing a school run, making phone calls to specialists, playing phone tag with our two support coordinators, trying to get in contact with our funding manager and attending to emails. Then it is back to school by lunch time to collect L to take him to the early intervention centre before returning the school to collect O and then back to pick up L.

By then I have lost count of how many coffees I have had.

Then you can add in doing the weekly shopping, paying bills, chasing up medication scripts, trying to figure out the NDIS portal, don't get me started on that abomination, and any of the little superheroes extra curricular activities!

Any other week day I head off to work after either dropping the little superheroes at school or at before school care. I do enjoy heading off to work as I get to leave my stress at the door and can concentrate on doing my job. Work for me is a welcome distraction from our autism journey.

Saturday is swimming lesson time. Sunday is spent trying to catch up on the previous week and getting everything ready for the following week.

If I say no to a play date at an unfenced park it is because I know that L will try to escape and I will spend the entire time following him around the park. Home or a fenced park is a much better option.

I rarely have a day off where nothing is planned so when I do get a "day off" I honestly don't feel like being social.

My last Tuesday day off, I spent a total of 40 minutes at home between leaving for the school drop off at 8am and arriving home at 4.30pm after collecting both little superheroes. Tuesday really isn't a day off for me and when I am asked "how was your day off," at times I really want to turn around and say well actually.....

The rare moments that I do get to myself, I either want to sit and do nothing or sleep to catch up some much needed zzzzz's.

Or I want to spend precious time with my little superheroes, just playing or reading with them or watching them play and be creative.

So I'm really not antisocial, I'm just tired.


  1. I feel exactly the same way - sometimes I just need time to myself and to be in my own company. I've found myself saying no to a lot of plans recently and although I feel guilty I know that I have to put myself first and if I need some space then I should take it

  2. I think we all have days where we want to stay in and just be alone..not because we're anti-social. but more because we are tired.

  3. I seconded. There are times when just being with your family and spending time with the kiddos is the best place to be.

  4. this is true.. it's not an anti social we just want to spend quality time MORE with love ones

  5. For me, I think it's ok to be anti-social for awhile at least you get to spend more time with your little superheroes. I bet it's a lot more fun playing with them. 😉😉

  6. Some days I feel like I ran out of batteries too :) Shell

  7. I am not going out, sometimes superhero and Super girl do not let me work and my deadline makes pressure on me. Well Super hero is good but I cant be a super mom. :)

  8. That's te condition same as me, though I am not anti social , but after managing kid, office and home, if I geta day off, I just feel like relaxing and pampering myself.

  9. That exactly describes how some of my days look like! Hi five from a coffee mumma :-)

  10. I understand the exhaustion. My son can have multiple break downs a day. You love them, but you sometimes wish there was a mute button.

  11. There are just days I'm too overwhelmed but I'm hardly anti-social. There is a healthy balance between being lonely and loving being alone. :)

  12. My first born came in 2009, I have literally been "anti-social" since then. haha. No, I too am just tired. I have two more after the first, which makes it absolutely impossible to do anything other than mom, in my world at least. when your husband is gone most of the time for work, and i mean, gone out of the country you live together in, it makes it absolutely impossible to not be "anti-social", so i hear ya mama! no worries.. it's a thing about MOMS!

    Maria |

  13. I love it. I'm not antisocial but mostly tired sometimes too. And thankfully my friends all have kids so they understand and totally get it.


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